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My Book - The Matter of Life
I never wrote for the book to be published. I genuinely wrote because my story refused to go away
I do not know where my motivation came from, my customers or my son I think. I never allowed myself to think who would publish this or what would people think of it
Instead I imagined the making of the book in little pieces, writing, typing , sending it out to different publishers, then the cover, then the acknowledgement that I would write until one by one those things became a book.
My initial elation, frantic phone calls, jumping up and down, a lot of dancing on the spot and the pressing need to go out and party………..
After a while when I got the chance to sit down and think about it ……
Well…………….. HERE I AM NOW.     
Book in Hand
A Matter of Life
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It has taken me 3 years to write this book and share with you all that I have researched and learned through my personal experiences . Like me, you will feel energized by enjoying these antioxidant-rich foods which reduce the amount of free radicals in your body. The nutrients in these foods can help enhance your immune system as they have mine .Their nutrients help enhance brain function and so you may find yourself with better memory and concentration like I have.

These days a wealth of nutrition information is available at your finger tips. It's no secret that good nutrition plays an essential role in maintaining health. While a lot of people know its important to eat a healthy diet and what to eat, a lot of people also do not know and find it very difficult to sort through all the information about nutrition and food choices.

"The Matter of Life" book is a combination of resources and basic nutritional advice to help you start healthier eating habits.
I believe people are confused about nutrition and the majority of that confusion comes from the media. I believe they take a health topic and pick it apart. The little snippets are then turned into an entire truth. As a result people are left totally confused wondering. Do i eat bananas or not? Is too much water bad for you?
Maybe it seems like an uphill struggle, but the book can show you the simple changes you need to make to put your child on the path to good health.
Sometimes, it's the little things that make the biggest impact on our lives. Whether you want to lose weight or feel more energetic, you don't have to go on a drastic diet or guzzle vitamin drinks. Just make some small adjustments to your daily regimen and see how your life is transformed.

The information in my book is pretty basic nutrition , easy to understand and follow. Over the years it has helped me focus on the things i need to eat in any given day.
Hope it works for you too.                                  
A Matter of Life
Jan De Vries; I have read this most comprehensive Book with the greatest of Interest. I am indeed very impressed with the knowledge of the writer. This book could be a Welcome Addition to any Household, as I found it an easy read, most helpful and Informative.

This book is a must have. Everything you need to know about foods and how to eat right is in this amazing book. Megan B.
I love your book!!!! I think everyone who is interested in nutrition and healing should have a copy.Michelle
Just what i have been looking for. A simple book without all the complicated science stuff.Thanks so much Kay. Thomas Behan.

Bridget McAuliffe The Matter of Life is an easy-to-use,reader-friendly book that makes taking the first steps towards looking after your everyday health easier. 

Great book Kay.. good recipes and brilliant advice, puts food, exercise and well-being in a different perspective, all the girls have borrowed my book..I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from u in the future.

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A Matter of Life 

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