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Written By Kay McDonnell 
Donal Nolan From the Kerryman Newspaper.
THE Matter of Life ‹ that¹s the ambitious subject one Listowel therapist set herself in a new book aiming to help the rest of us keep our health on track using one of the most important things in the world: food.
Complimentary therapist Kay McDonnell, of the Listowel Therapy Center, certainly hit on an appropriate title for her compendium of healthy eating. Eating well, she says, can solve all manner of ailments and outlines her mission with a statement one might think counter-intuitive at first glance.
³The book is basically about eating to lose weight!² It¹s a statement most of us will be only too eager to hear sick and tired, as many are, of diets that don¹t work.
³It¹s all about ditching the weighing scales in favour of measuring tape. For a lot of people it¹s impossible to lose much weight and that¹s because people get stressed about it and when we stress the body releases cortisone, which adheres to the waist area and can be very hard to shift.
³The Matter of Life is a healthy eating book without the science, it¹s very simple and very practical and has been compiled through my experience of over 15 years working as a complimentary therapist.²
Kay knows it works through her own family¹s great health. ³My son is nearly 12 now and he has never been on an antibiotic and never missed a day¹s school, as he is never sick. We stick to a healthy diet and its benefits are amazing.
³Also, when we get sick we can eat certain foods to really help us improve.² Foods and recipes are set out as prescriptions for all types of sicknesses and conditions in The Matter of Life. Got a cold? ³Onions, peppers and tomatoes are amazing. And for constipation, which is a huge problem, apricots, mangoes, millet, onions, walnuts, dates and lettuce are excellent. People need to start looking at food differently and I hope my book will encourage a change in habits locally.² 

The Matter of Life is available at all good health shops and bookshops in the region as well as from Kay¹s Listowel Therapy Centre on Church Street. On 8/2/12 13:33, Kay McDonnell at
“The Matter of Life” book launch in Listowel
Kay McDonnell will launch her first book, The Matter of Life on Thursday 8 December at Scribes Café, Church Street, Listowel from 6.30 to 9 pm.
Kay, a massage, reflexology and laser therapist, has published the book to help anyone to achieve a healthier life by making changes.  At the launch party, chef Mark Doe will speak at 7 pm about healthy eating for families and chef Namir of Scribes will provide food and tastings of the book’s recipes.
Kay comments:
“Healthy, homegrown food was an integral part of my life as a young child and into my teenage years.  Several years later, when I was working and living in London, I visited a chiropractor who referred me to an holistic physician who started me on a healthy eating programe.  I trained as a healthcare professional and I've written this book to share how an holistic approach to life can bring such great benefits.  It’s very hard to lose weight when the body is stressed. By bringing down stress levels, the body responds more easily to changes you wish to make.”
Kay opened her first health-related business in Listowel in February 2000 and went on to open Listowel Therapy Center in 2005. The Matter of Life is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to healthy eating and better living.  As well as information and tips on a healthy diet, the book covers how to combat illness through healthy eating and a chapter on complementary therapies.  Recipes are included for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tips on raising healthy children.
The book is available from Listowel Therapy Center 65C Church Street and from Kay’s Facebook shop (Listowel Natural Therapy and Beauty Center).   For each book sold, €1 will be donated to the Nano Nagle School in Listowel.
For further information, contact Kay on 068 23574 or 087 967 1511.
Written By. Anne Kiely
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