Kay McDonnell  - Massage , Advanced  Reflexology & Laser Therapist

YOU can buy a pampering / therapeutic treatment VOUCHER as a gift or for oneself
@kaymcdonnell,com AND I will POST out on your behalf

Choose from or create your own

1..BUY 4 treatments for €200.Normally €240

2.Golfers Massage . Guaranteed to swing a good golf club €60 x1 €220 x4

3.Massage for runners and bikers (engine or legs) Energise your feet and legs €60 x1 €200 x4

4. De-stress warm oil 1.5 hr break. Guaranteed to lift the spirits and ease the stress . For strained muscles .Neck tension release. Shoulders and arms and not forgetting the scalp
€120 x1 €440 x4

5.Reflexology €60 x1 €200 x4
Facial Reflexology €60 x1 €200 x4
Fertility Reflexology €65x1 €240 x4
Maternity Reflexology €60 x1 €200x4

6 Dry cupping therapy. For many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, 
€60 x1 €220x4

7. Therapeutic Hands and cups for strained muscles soft tissue damage injury scar tissue
€60 x1 €200x4

100% local Irish attention to detail given


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