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I diet and excerise but can't lose weight.

We tend to focus on diet and exercise to help with weight loss and when we do not see the weight loss then it can get very disheartening. Imagine exercising daily and counting calories, only to have your belly fat and love handles grow bigger and bigger. There are 5 major issues  that can derail any attempt to lose weight: 1. Insulin resistance, 2. Adrenal stress, 3. Thyroid abnormalities, 4. Hormone imbalance, 5. Sleep.
Insulin resistance is a pre-diabetic state that means your body’s ability to remove sugar from the blood and place it in the cells is compromised, resulting in a higher insulin level. Insulin sends the signal to all cells to STORE FAT.Eating high glycemic foods like bread, rice, potato, pasta will drive glucose up rapidly and with it goes insulin. Many of us are in this category yet may be painfully unaware. This is a reversible state and can he helped by taking liquid magnesium and chromium.
Adrenal Stress:The adrenal glands are directly affected by stress. They are responsible for the “fight-or-flight” response.The adrenal glands produce their hormones in response to stress.In a stressful situation, they raise your blood pressure, transfer blood from your intestines to your extremities, increase your heart rate, suppress your immune system and increase your blood’s clotting ability.Worrying makes your adrenal glands work. Relaxing and thinking peaceful thoughts enables them to rest and heal.If you reduce the stress that you can control, stressful situations will not have as much of a physical effect on you.Hanging on to anxiety over past situations is stressful.Ironically, stress often makes you crave the foods that are bad for you. While under stress, it is hard to be diligent in keeping additives and refined sugar out of the diet. Clients often complain that they have no time and can’t eat properly. Lack of time really isn’t the problem because raw nuts, fruits, and vegetables take no time to prepare. Lack of time is usually used as an excuse to give in to craving the wrong foods. Once you understand that, you can eat healthily with little effort.
Thyroid abnormalities
It has been appreciated for a very long time that there is a complexrelationship between thyroid disease, body weight and metabolism.
The thyroid gland is the primary regulator of your body's metabolism. If it does not function properly people can have weight loss as well as weight gaining issues.
It plays a distinct role in maintaining body temperature, can adjust the metabolic rate of every cell, controls neurotransmitters in the brain altering your moods, appetite, behavior and emotions.
When the thyroid isn't doing its job, many people have significant hair loss, or feel cold even though it is warm. When emotions aren't regulated the result is often depression, forgetfulness, irritability and weight loss problems.
An underactive thyroid can't regulate your body's rate of metabolism and you become overweight, suffering with weight loss problems, even if you only eat a little food. If you have an underactive thryroid, without treatment weight loss seems hopeless.
Weight loss isn't possible when your metabolism slows to a crawl. You feel fatigued, and your mind acts like it is in a fog.Most people do not realize how much thyroid imbalance can effect and change their quality of life. If you are one of those who has struggled with weight loss for many years, you may find relief when you get the proper hormone testing.
Harmones inbalance.
Your hormones change,  men and women; and your hormones could be working against you trying to knock off that extra weight.
“Usually by age of 40, you start feeling differently in your body,”
Less thyroid hormone may be produced. Women have decreased levels of estrogen. Men have decreased levels of testosterone. And metabolism declines. All physiological changes that encourage weight gain.
“Low estrogen also makes you gain weight definitely the whole hormonal imbalance makes you gain weight. First, weight loss is by no means only about calories in versus calories out; hormonal balance needs to be added to the equation. Second, hormones are very powerful substances that influence many aspects of our health and well-being. And third, the level of one hormone impacts another, which confirms the need to think big picture when it comes to weight loss.
So simple, yet so often a problem.If you don’t sleep you will have high stress and weight gain. One study showed that people who get less than 5 hours of sleep per night are 73% more likely to become obese.Turning your dream into reality and getting up in the night and eating a piece of that chocolate cake is not a good idea. We all know this even if we didn’t understand the science behind it, but the mechanics of the process are beginning to be understood. Our circadian rhythm, the internal clock which governs our daily pattern of life, and a gene that controls weight gain in fatty diets, seem to have a lot to say in the control of our weight.There appears to be 2 hormones in control of appetite and metabolism, grehlin which stimulates the feeling of hunger and leptin which tells the brain that the body is full. As you may guess, in research done on sleep and dieting, levels of grehlin have shown to become higher in sleep deprived individuals and leptin levels have decreased.If you’re a bad sleeper then you might not know it but your levels of the stress response hormone, cortisol, will rise which in turn will lead to a craving for those high calorie, comfort foods that make us fat and uncomfortable.If that wasn’t enough there are the human growth hormones (HGH) that work in children to promote cell growth in the body and it’s organs (except the brain). Later in life it regulates the fat to fuel burning process and is largely secreted during sleeping hours. So without enough proper deep sleep fat accumulates.
Yes your body is changing but addressing the changes with a healthy response can get you back on track and feeling good. Don’t settle for anything less than outstanding. Talk to your doctor;
I use Advanced reflexology to get your body off the merry go round of stress. For reflexology weight loss, you need to find the pressure points that correspond to your spleen (somewhere near the middle of the sole of your foot). Massaging this pressure point will stimulate your spleen and reduce your hunger, thus helping you lose weight.
Other pressure points to try for reflexology weight loss are digestive organs, such as the pancreas and kidneys; One important point about foot reflexology weight loss is that it shouldn’t be used to replace other weight loss initiatives; it should be used as a complement to them. Therefore, it is still important to follow a thorough diet and exercise programme too to get the maximum weight loss through reflexology.

2 Comments to I diet and excerise but can't lose weight.:

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relacore on 02 May 2012 09:04
Diet is very difficult to follow .That is something i can take for a week or two ., not more then that ! After reading this i have decided will will go with healthy food n exercise to achieve my weight loss goal .
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Kaymcdonnell on 03 May 2012 12:55
If you anything like me. When i decided in the past to diet, its like the word diet made my body want more sugar and started to crave carbs and fat.So i stopped using that diet. Gradually switching to a diet that's rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins takes time and determination. But once you've made the change you'll find you don't want to switch back to unhealthy foods. •Another quick guide is to take your waist measurement. If it's more than 35 inches/88cm (women) or 40 inches/101cm (men) then you'd be well advised to try and reduce. Good luck

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