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Reflexology is a well respected and governed body. I specialise in reflexology treating the pregnant lady, Fertility, Pre/post maternity, cancer care. In my 20 years experience reflexology can be used for any ailments and on baby, toddler, school going kids, teenager, male and female clients. 

Its goal is to restore the body's own equilibrium. Basically helping the body to heal itself. My clients see results in migraine, pain, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, stress and anxiety, pain and muscle pain, sciatica, sinus along with many more everyday health concerns.

My goal as a reflexologist is to trigger the return of homeostasis in the body. The most important step for me to achieving this is to reduce stress, tension and induce relaxation. Relaxation is the first step to normalizing the body and when that process happens the body is relaxed and healing occurs.

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology

When I first heard about facial reflexology, it really appealed to me. Facial reflexology works on the same principles as foot reflexology. 

Facial reflexology brings all the benefits of foot reflexology but not only does it aim to help clients improve their health and wellbeing, it can also help give them the complexion a younger, radiant glow as well as leaving the skin to appear tighter, smoother and plumper over a series of treatments.


This treatment is not only deeply relaxing but can also help reduce stress, tension, anxiety as well as migraines, sinus problems, IBS, joint pain, insomnia, and can help relax you if you are trying to conceive.

What our customers are saying:

Kay is very talented...

I have been going to Kay for reflexology for a couple of years now. I initially went due to back problems but found it beneficial in many other ways. Kay is very talented at what she does and so welcoming. Always come away feeling very relaxed and balanced

Yvonne Carey

//  Client

I would highly recommend Kay!

I ran 21 Marathons last year for Ronald McDonald House at Crumlin Childrens Hospital and I can honestly say Kay got me through them. I suffered with alot of problems from nerve damage to bone and muscle injuries and Kay, through reflexology and deep massage work got me to a place where the pain was kept at bay from the nerve damage while she worked her magic on my other injuries with deep tissue massages. I would highly recommend Kay, be it for a pampering session or sports injuries. Thank you Kay xxxx

Tena Griffin

  //  Marathoner

Fertility Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology treatment aims to  balance, calm or stimulate the Endocrine System (Hormones).

Fertility Reflexology pays particular attention to the digestive system, detoxifying the liver and kidneys, optimising the chance of conception whilst boosting the body’s natural defences.

Fertility Reflexology is a program (once weekly) following the body’s natural menstrual cycle, improving the quality of eggs/ sperm, monitoring ovulation and body temperature whist recording any changes throughout 

It takes up to  three months for every egg and every sperm to mature. Hence a program is recommended 

Men contribute 50% of the genetic instruction for babies and up to 50% of fertility issues will be with the male

Benefits of fertility reflexology:

 I can provide a personalised fertility-friendly program for you to follow.  I use reflexology to promote hormone balance at specific times in your cycle to encourage natural conception or support a medically assisted conception.

Reflexologists do not claim to cure infertility or the causes of fertility issues or provide any form of medical advice or diagnosis. However, treatments can be incredibly relaxing and calming and may in turn help to balance hormones and the endocrine system which are fundamental to the body’s natural balance. 

Fertility reflexology may help the body to become balanced, improve circulation, increase immune system health, decrease stress, and much much more.

Reflexology In Pregnancy

I find reflexology for the pregnant lady offers great help at easing the nasty niggles that mums-to-be suffer.

In my experience and working on the pregnant lady with 20 years it may balance the hormonal and emotional  roller coaster that pregnancy can create .

Kay McDonnell

Alongside the emotional benefits, it can also help with many of the physical effects of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, digestive problems, heartburn, anemia, sciatica, sinus pubisis and general aches and pains.

Helps reduce early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness,  nausea and fatigue. Physical symptoms such as constipation,  heartburn and swollen feet.

Regular treatments can help the mum with preparing the body mentally and physically for labor.

I went to Kay when I was pregnant for lovely relaxing reflexology treatments and they were so grounding and soothing while pregnant. I often go to her for deep massages as I would have a lot of knots in my shoulders and Kay works her magic hands and I'm like a new person walking out that door. She really is remarkable.

Passed Client

Yes, there’s very little that can’t be addressed in a reflexology treatment, as the aim is to bring about balance and wellness in the whole person.

Reflexology is wonderful in pregnancy, not least because you get a two for one treatment as your growing baby can be felt and even seen on the foot too. I discuss with my client whether you wish to receive treatments in the first three tentative months of pregnancy.

I specialize in maternity reflexology so always recommended unless off course not recommended to do so by your GP. I can many times see the growing bulge on the inner side of the foot. Which can be very exciting for me and mum.

As the baby grows you may experience other symptoms. Stress levels may rise. Anxiety may set in. I recommend reflexology to address many pregnancy issues as they arise and also be there as a support through worries or concerns you many have.

Reflexology for babies and toddlers

Short, gentle sessions can help to soothe and settle upset tots. Softly stroking the feet helps to relax them and gentle pressure while breastfeeding can help the baby to digest effectively, reducing hiccups and tummy niggles. Colic,  reflux , digestive issues , teething are some of the many growing baby issues that reflexology or massage can help with. 

Toddlers and children are open to new experiences and engage fully, when they feel safe and comfortable, which enables them to reach this place of healing and relaxation very quickly. As they are so young and untainted by life-long indulgences their body can rebalance quickly and often does.

There are many reasons why toddlers tension can manifest itself ; potty training, the birth of a sibling, change in daily routines or perhaps stress that's causing tummy or headache. 

I recommend speaking with your GP is the first step to check if they are poorly but if they are physically fine and their behaviour is still not normal for them, there may be stressors that are causing the upset and tantrums.

Reflexology can calm, soothe and settle toddlers.

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